How to Choose a Ring For a Wedding?

We have a lot to offer you with our engagement ring collection from Vaishnavi Jewels, Surat, but the real question is how you are going to decide which ring to choose. Today, we have come up with tips that you can use to choose rings.  

Narrow Down What Shape You Want

If you know what your loved one is looking for regarding diamond cuts this can help narrow the search for an engagement ring greatly. Every form (also called cut) is priced differently, and every cut has a unique cost per carat. Round cuts are the most costly while cut shapes like pear as well as marquise are less expensive. If dimensions are essential to you, you will get more diamonds for lower costs when you select a different shape than the standard round cut. Before you go out shopping for an engagement ring learn about the various cuts of rings and have some (or two) favorite designs to think of.

Get Measured Correctly

This might seem simple, but ensure that it’s not. Make sure you both have your ring fingers correctly measured. It’s not a good idea to have rings that cut off your circulation, or more importantly, are so loose that it’s in danger of being ripped off. It should be snug, but comfortable. If you’re not looking for engagement rings with your partner and you’re not sure what size to choose, go and get the size at a jeweler’s store on your own, and simply mention your size next time the subject is brought up (or inform your friend so that they’ll know the answer whenever your friend asks).

Take into consideration how Your Engagement Ring will look With Your Wedding Band

While it’s easy to be caught up in looking for that ideal diamond wedding ring, it is important to remember that the engagement ring is just one-half (or just a fraction when you go with the stacking rings option) part of. Your wedding ring–you know the true signifying your marriage — is the often-ignored second part. Think about the style of wedding ring that would look best with the ring you have. Some engagement rings do not permit a band to sit in a flush with them, so it’s crucial to look at the entire array of prongs versus channel-set stones and pave before making a decision on the design of your engagement ring.

Always Buy Certified

The purchase of an engagement ring is among the most expensive purchases, therefore make sure you make a smart purchase. If you do find your perfect ring, be sure you buy an authentic stone from an accredited lab like The American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America. Diamonds certified by other labs could have overinflated ratings, giving customers the appearance of getting a good bargain when they’ve actually purchased a lesser quality diamond, says the expert Ira Weissman, creator of The Diamond Pro. In fact, According to Weissman, it is the most common trick that jewelry stores use. Now, check out our Diamond wedding collection